11/12/2011 – Dyslexics 7 – 1 James Price FC

Aided by a couple of old friends, the Dyslexics 6-a-side team bid 2011 a fond farewell with a confident and classy display amid almost biblical conditions. 

The return of Chris and Alex to the fold and a 4-game winning run meant Dyslexics entered the last fixture before Christmas in fine spirits, and well they might have, running out 7-1 winners in an absorbing contest at Goodwin.

An unusually tentative start from Dyslexics meant that the first goal didn’t come until around the fifteenth minute, when Sam F buried a long shot past an out of position ‘keeper. Dyslexics soon found their attacking feet and continued to threaten throughout the game, culminating in a Sam S hat-trick, a Moo brace and a standard Chris goal (yawn).

Everyone in a red shirt (except every member of the other team, who didn’t have the good grace to realise they were playing against legends and kept their red strip on) had the quality of play people have come to associate with Dyslexics. Sam S was composed and clinical, Sam F calculating and cool, Ben competitive and cultured, Moo combative and cloying, Chris classy and confident, Alex courageous and crucial and Tim cunning and (un)compromising.

The addition of pass-masters Chris and Alex meant that Dyslexics famed passing game was even more in evidence than usual, the ball zipping round the skiddy pitch at a formidable rate of knots, leaving their opponents looking like a girl after a night spent in Tim’s room (that is, ashamed and Rohypnol-addled).

Shoaib Akhtar after contemplating this image.

Dyslexics looking slightly shakier at the back then usual lead to a fair few JPFC chances, but unfortunately for the opposition they came up against MOTM (obviously, as always) Dave in goal, who looked every inch the average ‘keeper he’s always threatened not to be. This fine form also lead to the highlight of the game, an athletic goal-line clearance completely lacking in anything remotely resembling suavity or composure, much to the amusement of power-crazed director of football Sam L.

And so the 6-a-side team say goodbye to a very profitable 2011, including 24 games, 16 wins, 125 goals and a tasty run to the knock-out quarter finals. I’m never one to make rash predictions, but 2012 is shaping up to be even better.

My crystal ball and I

Goal of the Match: Although all of Sam S’s were raw class, this week’s award goes to Moo’s second. Fantastic build up play in midfield works the ball to Moo out near the right touchline, who has time to steady himself before planting the ball across a helpless ‘keeper and into the bottom left hand corner. Delectable.

Scorers: Sam S (3), Moo (2), Sam F, Chris


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I'm not biased, I hate every team, and often the sport itself.
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