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Dyslexics: An update

Some people have accused me of slacking off and not keeping on top of Dyslexics match reports. These people can fuck off, as they were only ever a way to distract me from the futility of life, and I’ve discovered … Continue reading

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Transfer Deadline Day summed up before it’s even started.

I, just like all of you, am inherently lazy. I can’t be bothered to wait a whole day to write my reaction to Transfer Deadline Day when I’m still awake and faintly delirious now. Here’s what’ll happen, to save you … Continue reading

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Things To Love About Football #2: Ironic Cult Heroes

Every club has their own cult heroes. These are established in one of three ways.

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All this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me: Liverpool vs Manchester United

I am hoping for civility at tomorrow’s game between Liverpool and Manchester United. While I’m surely far from the only one hoping that the game itself is interesting enough to get people talking, my real wish is that people simply … Continue reading

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Hoping for discontent at Anfield.

As Liverpool and Manchester United meet for the first time after a minor clash of views, the managers of both teams have made an appeal for calm, begging both sets of supporters to act responsibly during Saturday’s game. It’s the … Continue reading

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FA Cup Predictions: Fourth Round

Hello and welcome to a very special edition of Goalposts for Goalposts’ predictions, as for the first time ever, we don’t predict Premier League action. Instead, this week, it’s the turn of the FA Cup, a competition that still retains … Continue reading

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El Clasico: Modern football, in 90 minutes.

Amid the dribbling, the violence, the goals, the drama, the chaos, the fury and the football, one thing stood out, as it always stands out. The unstoppable wrath of everyone not a fan of either team, or a fan of … Continue reading

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