2012/13 Season Preview: Manchester City

“They bought the title” say the Chelsea fans. “Everyone should hate them for winning” say the Man U fans. “What’s their obsession with forwards that are patently too short for Premier League football?” say the Arsenal fans. Everybody loves City.

At the end of last season

They were 40 seconds away from being the most expensive team of flops since the 2009/10 Real Madrid side. Instead Sergio Aguero made them Champions of the Best League In The World in what was an incredible finish to the season, for some more than others. At times they were irresistible,  such as in the 6-1 win over Man U, but at others they looked like a 99 that’d been left in the sun slightly too long, such as in the 3-2 loss to Man U. Overall they had the best collection of talent in the country, even if they weren’t the best team (reports indicate that Tevez and Balotelli can in fact put an I in team).

What’s happened since then?

They’ve won the Community Shield, butchered Jack Rodwell’s admittedly already flatlining career and failed to thin out a squad that still hilariously features Adebayor as a 5th choice forward.

Current Starting XI

Isn’t that much nicer than the shitty lineups we’ve been using so far? This is what they played in the Community Shield, with the crapper players replaced with slightly less crap players.

The Manager

Roberto Mancini is a classy guy, and he isn’t wearing that stupid scarf any more. He did well to reintegrate Carlos Tevez into the team, and you have to feel a bit of sympathy for the manager of the richest team in the world who can’t get his board to sign anyone.

Where will they finish?

As if it could be anywhere else but first place again. Chelsea’s reliance on Fernando Torres will see them out of the title race by Christmas, and much as United might want it, there is no way they can string four wingers across the pitch and call it a midfield.

God, 330 words and I’ve said nothing. I’m really just going through the motions now, I only do these previews because all the different team badges look nice on the homepage. Hopefully Ben will pull his finger out and do Arsenal before the transfer window shuts.


About Dave

I'm not biased, I hate every team, and often the sport itself.
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