Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 5 goals.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an artist. Real life has caught up with me and I’ve not had time to write anything even remotely relevant to recent football. These two facts have fused like Hydrogen in the Sun, and like that Hydrogen, produced something great that’ll make your voice squeaky.

So, in no particular order, and not including that one he scored for Ajax against NAC Breda:

1. Lecce vs AC Milan, 2010/11

Pace, strength, two-footedness and a willingness to try the improbable, this goal perfectly showcases Ibra’s completeness, apparently an admirable quality for a striker.

2.  Sweden vs Italy, Euro 2004

The best thing about this goal? Kim Kallstrom’s absurdly angled run up to take the corner.

3. Inter Milan vs Fenerbahce, 2007/08

How many players are allowed to stand still in the penalty area with the ball at their feet by Roberto Carlos?

4. Sweden vs Greece, Euro 2008

Nowhere near his top 10 normally, but Euro 2008 was a great tournament and I remember watching this live as clear as if it was yesterday. Where Lionel Messi in the same position would’ve cut across the defence and angled a shot back towards goal, Zlatan powers a shot straight in.

5. AC Milan vs Brescia, 2010/11

Fools everyone into thinking he’s being lazy, burst of acceleration into exactly the space he needs to be, forces defenders to sit off him because of his unpredictability, and ends with an unstoppable finish.

Thanks for bearing with me, something actually worth your time should be up tomorrow.


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I'm not biased, I hate every team, and often the sport itself.
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