Dyslexics: An update

Some people have accused me of slacking off and not keeping on top of Dyslexics match reports. These people can fuck off, as they were only ever a way to distract me from the futility of life, and I’ve discovered that saying offensive things about Premier League teams gets a lot more views. Anyway.

We won both our last two games with diminished squads. Say what you like, but only genius management could have pulled us through this turbulent period.

On Sunday we won 5-3 against Crookesmoor Resox whilst missing five players. Luckily, Ben and Matt stepped up and the result was never really in doubt, keeping the pressure on the Dentists at the top of the league.

On Tuesday, missing George and Sam (who scored 70 goals between them last year) we slaughtered whatever team we played 17-1 (I can’t even be bothered to look up their name). They seemed to be in undergoing some sort of trauma denial, as their defender insisted that they’d “give (us) a better game next time”, although that stopped when I pointed out the two players we were missing had scored more than the six we fielded put together. So we’ll probably be topping last year’s 29-1 at some point.

There was a nice spread of goals, showing once and for all that George and Sam do nothing but impede our play.

On Sunday we’ve got Geckos and welcome Chris and Jon back into the fold, which I’m sure will be hideous.


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I'm not biased, I hate every team, and often the sport itself.
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