Things To Love About Football #2: Ironic Cult Heroes

Every club has their own cult heroes. These are established in one of three ways.

1)      Genuine talent coupled with eccentricity. The most common, but somehow most boring brand of footballing cult hero.

2)      Off-field antics. Mario Balotelli is an excellent footballer on his day, but it’s quite hard to care about that. Usually an intriguing, but slightly irrelevant figure.

3)      Being shit at football. These are the greatest cult heroes of all. They may go season after season without showing any trace of ability or even potential. They will drive fans up the wall as they cost the team massive games with ridiculous mistakes (Djimi Traore). But sometimes they are the players remembered most fondly of all. Sometimes, with the side ravaged by injuries for a massive game, they suddenly do something that even they weren’t expecting, guaranteeing themselves that strange ‘ironic hero’ status for the rest of their life.

(Note how confused The Next ZidaneTM looks about what has just happened)


About Ben Milligan

Writing about football, everywhere, for his own amusement. You can read it too, but don't expect it to make sense all the time.
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