A week in the life (of Dyslexics)

We won 8-2 on Tuesday against the hilariously named Sheffield Thursday FC. George got 4, which is frankly becoming quite passe and very dull. It was a well deserved victory and there’s a very decent chance of us going unbeaten in the 5’s this year (fingers crossed). This brings it own set of annoyances, the main one being that I’m getting bored of having to type 0 0 in our Drawn and Lost columns every week.

Inter Girls didn’t turn up for the Sunday game, which was very annoying because:

a) we would have beaten them


b) their name is substantially worse than ours.

Say what you like about the modern game but the standard of joke team names has slipped dramatically.

Tuesday can’t come fast enough.


About Dave

I'm not biased, I hate every team, and often the sport itself.
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