8/11/2011 – Dyslexics 13 – 4 Sheffield Tuesday FC

A Dave Cooper brace rounded off yet another sublime Dyslexics performance at Goodwin Sports Centre tonight. Other highlights of the game included a clean slide tackle from Dave, several passes from Dave, and a headed goal for Sam Fox (from a Dave throw in).

Dyslexics went into the game on the back of a seven game unbeaten streak, and that confidence showed with the team racing out of the blocks, Sam Fox looking particularly sharp as he looked to safeguard his beloved top scorer position in George’s absence. Ben’s vaunted organisational abilities were crucial during the first half, ensuring that Dyslexics kept a solid defensive shape while always looking to attack quickly as soon as the ball was regained. Ben also found time to hammer a shot from the half-way line, absolutely brutalising a crossbar that must still be vibrating.

Tim’s excellent shot-stopping was once again called into action on several occasions, and not once did he let his high standards slip, making a superb block when left one-on-one with the opposition’s best player. Another of his abilities that perhaps receives less press time (i.e. I don’t pay it any attention) is his throwing, as several times a high ball over the top managed to catch out a STFC defence that occasionally lacked concentration.

Jon’s height and physicality was a welcome addition to a stunted Dyslexics front line and he helped himself to a deserved hat trick, as well as deciding to forgo a fourth goal in favour of toe poking the ball into the opposition ‘keeper’s face, to much hilarity. Moo was his usual persistent self, and his sharp snap-shooting had the defence scrambling on more than one occasion. Andy, despite a lack of self-confidence and a hamstring wound tighter than an E string tuned up to G# turned in a quality attacking performance of guile and precision.

Sam Lewis was typically rugged in the challenge, and his composure when outnumbered prevented several dangerous attacks before they really got going. Sam Fox bagged a classy hat-trick with some unstoppable finishing, and had a bunch of nice touches and stuff.

After establishing a comfortable lead the end of the game resembled a turkey shoot, Sam F, Moo and Jon taking it turns to put chances on a plate for Dave, who was desperately chasing his hat-trick. Although normally known for the reliability of his finishing and composure when through on goal, he somehow didn’t convert a third due to a number of factors, including bad luck, one-footedness and the annoying way the goals aren’t three times bigger.

At the end of the day, Dyslexics Untied once again showed that it’s not the colour of your shirts that matter, it’s the quality of your “joke” team name that earns the points. And on that basis alone, they’re unlikely to be beaten for a while yet.

Goal of the Game: All present cannot help but agree that this award has to go to Dave’s second, a side footed finish into the net from two yards. However, if pressed for a second choice some may have plumped for Andy’s hat-trick goal. Receiving the ball from a long Tim throw, a lax first touch carried the striker away from goal and it appeared that all threat had disappeared. Andy, however, had other ideas. Without breaking stride he backheeled the ball past a flummoxed ‘keeper. Glorious football.

Scorers: Andy (4), Sam F (3), Jon (3), Dave (2), Moo


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I'm not biased, I hate every team, and often the sport itself.
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