6/11/11 – Dyslexics 11 – 4 Mashari FC

Today Dyslexics Untied, leaders in so many areas of football, proved once and for all that there is no substitution for squad depth at the highest level of the game. A reshuffled lineup, including three players making their first appearance of the season and missing Dyslexics’ two top scorers still managed to put in a confident and competent display to see off the threat of a decent Mashari FC side.

Dominating the headlines was the return of former Dyslexics Chris Lilley and Jon Hearn to the side, and neither disappointed, Chris grabbing two goals and Jon getting an assist and almost scoring a sumptuous lob. Also making his first appearance was loan signing Sam Strong, drafted into the squad after a midweek injury to Sam Fox, owing to the league’s prohibitive ‘Minimum of 2 Sams on every team’ ruling, which is currently the subject of a long and arduous legal battle in Brussels.

The Road to Success: A flat back two

Much as the sun beat down mercilessly on the pitch, so did Dyslexics batter the opposition goal, taking advantage of the opposition’s lack of a real ‘keeper (although that doesn’t stop Dyslexics) to pick out the corners of the net, and, inevitably, occasionally the post. Many a chance was created through balls from the back, Ben and Sam S taking it in turns to sweep marvellous balls behind a high defensive line, a risky tactic for the opposition to employ when faced with the rapidity of Moo Stringer and the, er, not quite so rapidity of Andy Harris (who did get 2, to be fair).

Someone tells Moo there's another game on Pitch C straight after.

Tim Roberts is not so much a classical English Centre-Forward, but rather a representation of the paradigm of a classical English Centre-Forward, such that when watching him one is driven to ask if we’re watching a mere human being, or if he is in fact a concept made flesh. I mean, obviously he is a person. But still.

Goalkeeping in recent years has become less about the maverick and more about the reliable, a change which everyone except centre-backs (and who cares about them?) freely admits is one for the worse. Luckily, Dyslexics ‘keeper Cooper is on a one man mission to reverse this inexorable decline into mediocrity, which was readily shown today. Sporting a rather natty cap/hoodie combo, Cooper put in a performance including but not limited to: Making a few saves, being megged for Mashari’s 4th goal, garnering two assists with defence splitting throws and doing an impression of a dying fish while desperately trying to scramble the ball off the line (he failed). A refreshing and enjoyable sight, although hopefully not captured on camera.

Ready for anything. Except Moo's backpasses

Mention of Sam Lewis, who did score a goal, which was nice for him.

Yet another win takes Dyslexics to 7 wins on the trot in all competitions, and with Bill’s upcoming long awaited return from injury and Sam F hitting his peak form it has to be asked: Is there any stopping the Dyslexics juggernaut? Guess we’ll find out on Tuesday.

Goal of the Game: A joint award this week. Chris’ first was a classic Lilley shot, tucked just inside the post. Ben’s placed shot that megged a defender and took the goalie completely by surprise. To be honest there were probably better goals but those are the only two I can remember.

Scorers: Moo (3), Andy (2), Chris (2), Sam S (2), Sam L, Ben


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