Dyslexics Untied: The season so far

The welcome return of their three continental stars has spurred Dyslexics on to their greatest start in living memory, winning 5 games over three weeks and two leagues. A revamped side has upset pre-season predictions by finding themselves instantly at home on the 5-a-side pitch.

Dyslexics started the season in the 5-a-side league against the wittily named Sheffield Thursday. The teams traded goals until STFC levelled to bring the score to 3-3. However, showing their naivete in the gritty intra mural system they wheeled away to celebrate, giving Sam Fox all the time in the world to put Dyslexics ahead, to the despair of their beleaguered goalkeeper. A controlled performance from then on saw the game finish 8-3, although it was accidentally recorded as 6-3.

The following week saw 38-3B downed 8-5, and Dyslexics went on to beat bottom of the table LAD Galaxy 12-1 in a riotous performance completely devoid of any dirty challenges whatsoever.

Meanwhile, the first fixture in the 6-a-side league saw Dyslexics record a comfortable 8-2 victory against a sadly diminished SLOG, both goals conceded in the last 10 minutes when Dave let (read: forced) rookie Josh Keene go in goal.

You join as our heroes take on the might of Gibraltar Society, described above (or below, depending on where the website puts it…)


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I'm not biased, I hate every team, and often the sport itself.
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